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Re: Liberal/Conservative (was: Mission to Mars)

From: JohnDHamill@a...
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 13:37:23 EST
Subject: Re: Liberal/Conservative (was: Mission to Mars)

In a message dated 3/17/00 9:51:28 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

<< Liberal: Buys a six-pack, is willing to give, say, two beer to
friends. Or
 will participate in buying of rounds.
 Conservative: Will shoot anyone who trys to take any of his six-pack!
 Thinks rounds are for firearms.
 Stalinist: Will shoot anyone who buys beer, becuase they're obviously a
 counter-revolutionary and/or a kulak...
This is actually it:

Liberal: Buys a six-pack, shares it with his poor friends. Demands that
wealthier friends setup a "Beer Relief Fund", eventually funding it with
Tax on beer, coincidently pricing beer out of the range of the poor

Conservative: Buys 12 pack, allows friends ONE beer each, then	they
must pay 
for their own. Keeps gun around to ward off beer theives. Sells rest of
making enough money to buy his own brewery.

Stalinist: "Liberates" beer from capitalist pigs, declares it the
property of 
the people. Begins killing those who make noise about getting some of

Communist: Enters into a beer making cooperative, with a five year plan.
beer is made but the managers seem to be living better than anyone else.

Socialist: Nationalizes brewery, to make sure everyone has enough.
and quantity of beer produced take severe drops, forcing a beer
program, and a thriving black market in foreign beer.

Libertarian: Doesn't drink beer, but will argue over the ownership and 
property rights of the beer anyway.


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