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Re: Falkenburg's Legion, CoDominion, and stats (Long)

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 22:40:04 PST
Subject: Re: Falkenburg's Legion, CoDominion, and stats (Long)

I don't know, I just always was under the impression that the word 
"Howitzer" implied indirect fire/artillery.

As for the CoDo tanks, point taken.

Brian B

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The 125mm gun mentioned was listed as a 125 mm Rocket Howitzer.  What
heck is a "Rocket Howitzer?"  I assumed a low-velocity gun giving a
boost to
a hyper-velocity rocket--a neat way to achieve high velocity with very
recoil (important since it was mounted on a light vehicle).  Maybe I'm
stretching things, but a single barrel/rail 125mm rocket launcher for
indirect fire seemed to be a real waste of material to me.  That plus
fact that the Royal Spartan towed rocket artillery used 127mm ammunition

125mm) from 6-barreled launchers sort of convinced me--why have two
(125 mm vs 127 mm rockets) that are that close in size and (probably) 
  Unless, of course, they were completely DIFFERENT in employment and 

And they do specifically mention the 155mm version of the Cataphract in
last book (and that it has a very large boxy turret).

The fact that the CoDO has to ship EVERYTHING argued for the smallest
practical size in that case.  Especially since just about everyone
stuff was so small
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