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Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 21:47:54 EST
Subject: Re: Combat films

In a message dated 3/17/00 7:52:48 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
writes, about Stalingrad the movie:

>  I don't believe I read the book in question (have read a lot about 
> Stalingrad
>  though) however there's not much about the end of the movie that
leaves you
>  uplifted, though it is a good ending.
>  Los

An excellent (and appropriate) ending.

To join the fray:  My favorite War movies, in no particular order-

Saving Private Ryan
Kelly's Heroes (okay, not THAT realistic, but fun--and at least the US
were Shermans and the Tigers weren't too bad)
The Warlord (Chuck Heston as a Norman--cool)
Zulu Dawn
A Bridge Too Far
Heartbreak Ridge (hey, again not that realistic, but it's the Marines
supposed to be CLNC--even though it obviously wasn't filmed there)
The Longest Day (not realistic for the most part, but I always get a
kick out 
of the fact that the Pegasus Bridge Ox and Bucks commander was played by
man that was actually there)
The Iron Cross (even though the ending sucked donkey parts--very '70's)
Stalingrad (even though they used the wrong kind of T-34)
and, not quite qualifying as a movie--the entire Richard Sharpe

There's a few more tickling around the back of my mind, but they won't
out right now.	The sad thing is that there's not one Sci-fi flick among

them!  Why?  Because there hasn't been a really good scif-fi war movie 
made--well, The Empire Strikes Back was close (to a war movie, that is).



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