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Re: [OT] Ideologies,

From: Alan E and Carmel J Brain <aebrain@d...>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 11:07:38 +1000
Subject: Re: [OT] Ideologies,

Oerjan Ohlson wrote:

> <Chuckle> The problem comes when political parties name themselves
> after an ideology... and then the times change, and the parties don't
> :-/

A Universal, it seems.
> This is when you get situations like today's Sweden, where the
> so-called "conservative" party is the most liberal one, the Liberals
> are basically Social Democrats, and the Social Democrats - having
> reformed most of the things they wanted to reform some thirty years
> - is the most conservative party we have... the various greens and
> leftists - the ones that suddenly have never been communists - are
> crazy <g>

In Oz:

Liberal Party : in a state of permanent coalition with the National
Party (formerly the Country Party). Libs are equivalent of
middle-of-the-road US Democrats, or left wing UK Conservatives. The
National Party is basically Agrarian and Rural. Some parts of the Libs
are almost as right-wing as middle-road US Republicans, but not many.

Australian Labour Party: Historically, equivalent of left wing of US
Democrats, but to the right of most European Labour parties. These days,
Labour has gone so far right they're almost indistinguishable from the
Libs. They're much more likely to be politically correct, but less
likely to actually help solve a social problem. Like Tony Blair, but
without the competence (though their leader was a first rate Defence

Democrats: The Party That Cares. Original theme was "to keep the
Bastards Honest." Since their founder left to join the ALP (see above) a
shadow of their former self. Only just slightly larger than:

The Greens: Fairly sane, considering. EXTREMELY Sane compared with
virtually all Euro Greens.

One Nation: I think they have one Senator? Irrelevant anyway. They're
just a little old-fashioned. About the equivalent of US Republican

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