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Falkenburg's Legion, CoDominion, and stats (Long)

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Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 18:16:02 EST
Subject: Falkenburg's Legion, CoDominion, and stats (Long)

It didn't take as long as I thought it would!

For those that may be interested, here is my attempt at a write up for
ground combat with and against Falkenburg's Legion.  My focus is a bit
on Stargrunt than DS since most of the combat in the books is infantry
oriented (and using DS2 makes for a really slow infantry game).  A lot
the statistics I have used for the weapons and vehicles certainly could
done differently.  In my defense, all I can say is that I tried to stay
close to the RULES as possible and not come up with new systems or house
rules while still giving the FEEL of the books.   The books this
is based on (Prince of Mercenaries, Falkenburg's Legion, Go Tell The 
Spartans, Prince of Sparta) are by Jerry Pournelle (with S. M. Stirling
co-author for the last two) and published by Baen Books in the U.S.  No 
infringement on their copyrights
is intended.

Weapons and Military Units of Jerry Pournelle's CoDominion Universe
2100 CE
(for Dirtside II and Stargrunt II)

Notes on Infantry Weapons

The standard personal arm of just about any force with any money appears
be a semi-automatic rifle firing a high velocity 7mm round mated to an
advanced electronic targeting system.  Some troops are also armed with
magazine-fed grenade launchers (which may or may not be integral with a
rifle) and others have sniper rifles.  A few troops have shotguns or
sub-machineguns, while some specialists are armed with either  large
semiautomatic handguns or rapid-firing machine-pistols.  Most
infantry carry man-portable one-shot anti-armor missiles.  Two types of
machineguns are mentioned (conventional and gatling-type).  I assume
the conventional machineguns are mostly utilized as squad automatic
while the gatling guns are generally used by heavy weapon teams. 
Mortars in
the 8 cm range seem to be the standard infantry support weapon.  Well
equipped troops tend to be protected by a combination of nemourlon and
synthetic leather armor which is very effective against light or slow
and shrapnel.  Standard helmets have basic communication gear, hearing
protection, and vision enhancement built into them, though expensive
have additional features was well while cheap helmets have fewer

Notes on Supporting Arms

Artillery tends to be either mortars or rockets, though conventional
artillery is also used.  Size ranges from the 82 mm light (rifled)
to 155 mm guns and even larger rockets.  Most artillery fires "smart"
munitions, but all artillery is represented as being fairly accurate. 
propelled artillery is available but most appears to be towed.	Armored
vehicles tend to be on the light side, with armor vulnerable to infantry
carried missiles.  The main armament for these vehicles range from 15mm
heavy machineguns to 135mm cannon.  VTOL aircraft (both helicopters and
other types) are used for transport, reconnaissance, ELINT, and attack
duties.  Kinetic orbital bombardment is an option for forces lucky
enough to
have space vessel support.  Observation satellites are used, but appear
be very expensive.  Space-to-ground assault shuttles are also available
the lucky few, but appear to require large bodies of water to land on.

Dirtside II / Stargrunt II Weapon Statistics

10mm Pistol is FP 1 Impact d8 (Close only, bonus in CA)

MicroUzi is FP 3 Impact d6 (Close only, bonus in CA)

SMG is FP 3 Impact d10--longer barrel/more velocity than 10mm pistol
only, bonus in CA)

Rifles are FP2 (due to targeting system, not rate-of-fire) Impact d10

Rifle/GL Combinations are FP 3 Impact d10

Grenade Launchers are FP 2 Impact d8

Machineguns are FP d8 Impact d10

Heavy Machineguns are FP d8 Impact d12

Gatling Machineguns are FP d12 (very large ammunition capacity) Impact

IAVR/Buzzbombs are FP d10 Impact d12*
(but some IAVR are actually more like single-shot GMS/P since they are

Peltast Sniper Rifle is FP d8 Impact d12 x 2

Conventional Sniper rifle is FP d8 Impact d10

Nemourlon Armor (complete suit) d8 protection
Nemourlon Armor (partial suit) d6 protection
Synthileather Battledress d4 protection

Spartan Von Alderheim Works "Battlecar"
Size 2, CFE, High Mobility Wheeled, Armor 1 all-around, No Fire
Control, Basic sensors
15mm Gatling version:  Gatling MG as above (in turret) (as LAD and 2
APSW in DS2)
15mm MG + GL version:  HMG + auto-grenade launcher (in turret) (as 3
APSW in DS2)
APC version: pintel mount HMG plus 10 troopers (command version

Spartan Von Alderheim Works "Cataphract"
Size 2, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 2/1 R, Basic FC (early version),
Enhanced FC (late version), Basic sensors (early version), Enhanced
(late version)
Rapid-fire 76mm version: turreted RFAC-2, pintel mount gatling MG
(also counts as LAD)
125mm version: turreted HKP-3, pintel mount HMG 
APC: pintel mount HMG plus 10 troopers
155mm Gun-Howitzer version:  size 3 (large, boxy turret), Medium
artillery, pintel HMG

Falkenberg's Utility Helicopter
Size 2, FGP (actually CFE with high power rating), Armor 1, No FC,
Enhanced Sensors
Basic ECM, 1 gatling MG (door gun), 10 troopers

Barton's Bulldogs' "Leopard"
Size 3, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 3/2, Enhanced FC, Enhanced sensors
RFAC-2 in turret (actually an Enhanced ADS), pintel mount standard

Bronson's "Suslov"
Size 2, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 1, Enhanced FC, Basic sensors
HKP-3, pintel mount gatling MG (counts as LAD also)

Spartan and CoDominion VTOL
Size 5, FGP (see above note on helicopter), Armor 1, Enhanced
sensors, superior ECM
Armed:	2 GMS/H (superior FC) Fwd, 6 gatling MG (2 fwd, 2 RS, 2 LS)
(counts as 2 LAD)
Troop Carrier:	2 Gatling MG (door guns), 24 troopers
ELINT:	Several E-warfare stations, Superior sensors, C3 suite

Friedlander "Panzer" (very iffy--as NO real info given in books)
Size 3, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 3/2, Enhanced FC, Enhanced Sensors,
Basic ECM
HKP-4 and coax Gatling MG in turret, pintel mount gatling MG (counts
as LAD)

Friedlander APC (same note as above)
Size 3, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 2/1, Enhanced FC, Enhanced Sensors,
Basic ECM
RFAC-1 and coax HMG in turret, pintel mount gatling MG (counts as
LAD), 10 troopers

Friedlander 155mm SPG
Size 3, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 1, Basic Sensors,
Medium Artillery, pintel gatling MG (counts as LAD)

Friedlander 105mm SPG
Size 2, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 1, Basic Sensors,
Light Artillery, pintel gatling MG (counts as LAD)

Or, to give the Friedlanders more of a Slammers feel, make'm fast hovers
(requires engine change to HMT)--I think this is somewhat justified as
are hovertrucks in widespread use even on backwaters like Santiago.

CoDominion Tank (a little less iffy than Friedlander data, but not by
Size 3, CFE, Fast Tracked, Armor 3/2, Superior FC, Basic Sensors,
Superior ECM
HKP-4 and coax Gatling MG in turret, pintel mount gatling MG (counts as

All vehicles listed above should have one level of stealth (though the
issue units could argue for 2 levels, I think) unless being used as
Police/Milice vehicles since camouflage should count for something.


Falkenberg's Legion, Royal Spartan, and CoDominion Marine Infantry units
organized similarly and organization appears to be "square" rather than

The lowest level infantry unit is the Maniple of 5 men.  Next up is the
Section of 12 men.  This is followed by the Platoon (I assume that is
up of two sections plus a HQ maniple).	Next comes a Company (4 line
platoons and a support section?) of approximately 120 troops.  Then
the Battalion (4 line companies plus a weapons company) of approximately
troops.  Finally, the Regiment (or Legion), which in the case of
Falkenburg's Legion means:

5 (was 4 before the Sparta deployment) Line Battalions
1 Artillery Battalion
1 Scout Troop
1 Sapper Battalion
1 Weapons Battalion (including an Aviation Troop)
1 HQ Company
1 Medical Section

Field organization is actually based upon the line units, with
from the specialty formations to fill them out.

Royal Spartan artillery is organized into batteries, with each (127mm
anyway) battery consisting of 3 six-barreled launchers.

No decent information is given about the Friedlanders except that a
battalion of 105mm and 155mm self propelled guns is probably either 24
or 36
tubes.	I'll guess 36 tubes and assume that the Friedlanders use a
triangular organization.  4 guns per battery, 3 batteries per company,
and 3
companies (2 medium, 1 light or the reverse) per artillery battalion.
Assuming their tanks are organized similarly--4 tanks per platoon, three
platoons plus an HQ of two tanks makes up a company, three companies
plus an
HQ platoon of two tanks and some supply/services vehicles makes up a

Even less information is given on Covenanter organization (all we know
that they are infantry).  Try something like current UK organization?

Anyway, those are my thoughts.	Any other views on this out there?



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