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Re: Mission To Mars (not really...)

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 07:58:19 -0500
Subject: Re: Mission To Mars (not really...)

Actually wasn't the Aliens pregenetor "IT: The Terror from Beyond
IIRC a mission to mars fails, a rescue misison is launched and only the
captain has survived. They take him back on the ship, finding some
which leads the rescue crew to believe that he killed his own crew and
disbelieve the monster tales. But alas the creature has gotten on the
and begins killing the crew. It was a very scary movie to watch as a
kid and I still love it. True to form they fight it off with .45s and
that were part of the ships supplies (grenades too but oddly, no
flamethrowers in this one), and they only kill it by stuffing the
crew into spacesuits and draining the atmosphere from the ship. A great


Michael Llaneza wrote:

> First time I saw Alien was as a young lad of about, oh, let's say 11.
> It was a double-bill after "It (They ?) Came From Within". After
> ICFW, nobody batted an eye at Alien, and the theater manager made
> eprsonal apologies to just about everyone in the theatre. ICFW
> features artificial organs that become mind controlling parasites,
> and remains to this day one of the most graphic and disturbing films
> I've ever seen, view only if you have a strong stomach *and* are
> willing to be majorly creeped out at the ending. Again, Alien came
> over as a very tame film in comparison.

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