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Starship Troopers (was RE: Mission to Mars)

From: db-ft@w... (David Brewer)
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 03:05:38 GMT
Subject: Starship Troopers (was RE: Mission to Mars)

In message <> writes:
> ***
> I'm not sure why it having a decidedly conservative bent would
preclude it
> from being given good movie treatment.  Can't there be movies with a
> conservative appeal.	We've all been treated to liberal fare
> extreme liberal stuff) from Hollywood for years and years.
> Chris
> ***
> Easy, Chris; you're using US terminology and concepts in an
> setting. Up until the Bill and Tony show, Liberal and Conservative
> something rather different here and, say, in Britain.

Liberal and conservative (small "l", small "c") mean what they
mean. Liberal means open-minded and unprejudiced. Conservative
means ill-disposed to change and non-extremist. I, personally, am
quite happy to be both. If you meet any radical conservatives or
liberal bigots be sure you tell them what oxymorons they are.

Vocal SF fans are often conservative-with-a-small-"c"... at least
about SF, unwilling to tolerate any variation of the text of a
book required during adaption into another medium.

I remain quite sure that a literal page-for-page transposition of
Starship Troopers onto film would a) stink and b) tank, and
Hollywood is not a charity.

Hollywood is "Liberal" because the marketplace for film dictates
this. The game market is, I think, equally obliged to be
"Liberal". For an example, look at the background material to
"Crimson Skies"... set in a non-racist, non-sexist 1930's USA.
They don't offend people because it would cost them sales. Good,
conservative, business sense.

David Brewer

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