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Re: Combat films

From: aebrain@d...
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 01:41:06 GMT
Subject: Re: Combat films

>If you are looking to chose between Cross of Iron and Stalingrad,

>grab Cross of Iron

One very good Combat film is "Die Bruecke" - The Bridge.

What's that godawful film involving US teenagers valiantly repelling the
of Darkness (Cubans and Russkis) who invade the US? Red Dawn?

Anyway, this is the same sort of idea. But the highschool kids have had
military training, it's Germany 1945, and the invaders are a very
but lacklustre bunch of US veterans.
The kids do pretty well, all things considered. One makes the mistake of
a "recoilless" AntiTank projector from inside a room, with predictable
The grizzled veteran who's supposedly in charge gets shot by some MPs as
coming back with dinner as a deserter (The MPs skedaddle just before the
attack, they're not stupid). But the kids do repel the attack on the
small bridge
they're supposed to be guarding, despite a very, very competent attack
by the
small group of US troops (who basically bypass them instead, why take
over a meaningless bridge when the war's nearly over? there's a hundred
just like this one, but unguarded).

A very dark film, with very good (if predictable) combat sequences, the
US fights
very much by the "Manual of Small Unit Tactics" of the time. They take
few casualties (evacuating the wounded), whereas the untrained but
German teenagers just sort of muddle through as best they know how, and
decimated. Only the steady camera angles and high film quality
it from actual footage.  

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