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Re: Combat films

From: db-ft@w... (David Brewer)
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 23:57:40 GMT
Subject: Re: Combat films

In message <> Allan Goodall

> It had its faults, but I think its faults were far less than other
films I've
> seen. Do NOT get me started on "Thin Red Line"...

I'll bite. Mail me off-list, if you don't want to vent in public.

I didn't bother seeing SPR since I'd heard it was a typically
saccarine piece of Speilberg twaddle (this is the man whose
Holocaust film has the Jews get out alive, the man whose slavery
film had the slaves get away free) and I really cannot abide Tom
Hanks. I saw good reviews for TRL, saw it and enjoyed it very
much. Actually, I saw dozens of bad reviews for TRL on the 'net,
which all seem to revolve about them *not* portraying the
Japanese as inhuman killing machines... which seemed like a
patently silly complaint.

Ironically, I suppose, "Zulu" remains my favourite war film, and
that does rather portray Zulus as people are want to portray the

> There is
> a demand for a properly done sci-fi combat film, but it hasn't been
made yet.

Now they've done Starship Troopers... isn't it about time they did
Forever War?

David Brewer

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