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RE: Mission to Mars

From: "Chris Lowrey" <clowrey@p...>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 14:01:57 -0600
Subject: RE: Mission to Mars

> >If they had named it something else and taken away the vague
> references to
> >Heinlein's book (a few character and place names, and some very
> vague plot
> >ideas), it would have been a fun, but silly, sci-fi action pic.
> >
> >Hopefully this doesn't ignite the conflict yet again ;-)
> The moment I saw the men standing around in a circle, firing at a
> bug in the
> middle, I started laughing my arse off and realized Verhoven was
> laughing at
> Heinlein. Now, to be honest, I DO think that Heinlein fans
> deserve a serious
> treatment of Starship Troopers. But I also think that most sci-fi
> fans (who
> tend to be a very conservative lot) give his views far too much
> Allan Goodall
> Goodall's Grotto:

I'm not sure why it having a decidedly conservative bent would preclude
from being given good movie treatment.	Can't there be movies with a
conservative appeal.  We've all been treated to liberal fare (sometimes
extreme liberal stuff) from Hollywood for years and years.


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