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Re: Mission to Mars

From: Mike Stanczyk <stanczyk@p...>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 12:21:32 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: Mission to Mars

On Tue, 14 Mar 2000, Ted Arlauskas wrote:

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> And - what about when the ship got hit by micro meteors?!
> Did they not practice Damage Control drills back on Earth?
> It seems like the whole crew was stumbling around trying to
> figure out what to do.  And a big "Thumbs Down" to the
> actions of Gary Sinese's character.  His unnecessary 
> bravado not only almost got him killed, but it wasted 25%
> of the crew (the female crew member had no point but to
> chase after him and get him to put on his helmet).
> And what the hell were they doing with their helmets so
> far away from them?!	And who designed the helmets?!
> The current NASA helmets have faceplates that can open -
> these did not!
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Who designed that ship anyway?	Couldn't NASA come up with a system that
finds hull breaches faster than a can of Dr. Pepper?  

Didn't anyone put pressure sensors in the fuel system?	"Hmm.  Fuel line
didn't come up to normal pressure.  Bypass it."  

I think I know what kind on computer was running the ship... a HAL 2000.
about unhelpful bordering on fatal.  "Pressure dropping...Pressure
Pressure dropping"  Tell us something useful, like where there's a
temperature drop in the hamster wheel.	Of course, they fixed the
computer by
rebooting it. I wonder if it was running Windows 2025..

What really pissed me off was watching the rescue ship captain kill
through his own stupidity.  All the crew is teathered together correct? 
captain unhooks from the group, takes the end of the line *in his hand*
heads for the resupply pod.  Why didn't he hook the line to his suit? 
hook his teather line to the rescue line?  His mistake killed him.  To

"Anything you forget to bring with you from Earth, will kill you. 
Anything you
do bring with you which doesn't work properly will kill you.  When in
assume it's going to kill you!"

A fun movie to watch but it scares the hell out of the little astronaunt


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