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Re: PDS vs. IAVR/LAW/SMAW/etc.

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:04:37 PST
Subject: Re: PDS vs. IAVR/LAW/SMAW/etc.

Gee, thanks, go and leave me without any more "yeah but"s left....
Ok, I'm satisfied now.

Brian B

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From: "Oerjan Ohlson" <>

PDS systems open fire at extremely short ranges - the ones existing
today destroy the incoming missiles 1-3 meters from the tank. Future
missiles with better stand-off abilities will push that outwards a bit,
but I don't think it'll be very extreme. If it is more than 10-20
meters, the potential for collateral damage to friendly units starts
getting uncomfortably big.

At what point in the missile's trajectory does the ADS vehicle learn
that the target is going for it, rather than eg. for the escorting IFV
some two hundred meters away? Against an advanced missile capable of
radical evasive maneuvers, probably not very far from the intended

If the ADS vehicle can be absolutely positive that it, and not some
other vehicle nearby, is indeed the target it can hold its fire and
effectively operate as a PDS. Unfortunately, in order to be absolutely
positive of this it still has to track each incoming missile at quite a
long range (its *engagement* range in DSII is 1200 meters, so it's
*tracking* range needs to be considerably longer), determine which
target it is going for, and engage it in time to protect the target.
Even though it *could* fire at a range of 10 meters to protect
itself... does it dare to wait that long, in case the incoming missile
suddenly changes its mind and goes for that IFV instead? Or does it
shoot the missile down three hundred meters away, just to be on the
safe side?

It is this requirement to track and and evaluate the probable target of
each missile in the salvo at long range, rather than the extremely
short range of the PDS, which causes the ADS degradation - not the
number of missiles as such. And, as Brian points out - the degradation
only applies against the missiles fired from one enemy unit; the ADS
re-sets before the next enemy unit gets to fire. If each unit only
fires one missile each, the ADS gets its best die against each one of


Oerjan Ohlson

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