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Re: paints - subvert the paradigm

From: Henrix <henrix@p...>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 02:25:55 +0100
Subject: Re: paints - subvert the paradigm

Tom Anderson wrote:

> a couple of ideas for paints:
> standard paints are acrylics, right? i don't know how much they cost
> days (i'm still using a set of evil empire colours i bought 5 years
> but you can also get acrylics intended for artists (they're like
> easier-to-use oil paints).

To add insult to injury: the Evil Empire nowadays use Winsor & Newton
colours. They just dilute them with water and bottle them in 12 ml
bottles and

sell the stuff for about the same price as 60 ml (undiluted) Winsor &
Hmm, wonder how they make so much money...

You have to water it down a little , which can be a little tricky before
get the hang of it. Too much water and it won't cover, too little and it
cover details. Don't worry, though, you've got lots of paint to practice

Do I have to tell you that I only use artists acrylics these days? The
GW guys

have got one thing right, though, W & N is good! And 60 ml will last a
time, even if you use it for terrain.

Oh. And try to get some mixing bottles. I think the Armoury has some (in
US, but most other game stores, at least here in sweden, can buy their
really good ones, and you won't ever have to buy another bottle of
Blue, Titillating Pink or Bubonic Brown again, ever!

> Boots has a line of cosmetics etc called '17'; one of the things in it
> a nail varnish for clubbing, which as far as i can tell is clear but
> fluorescent - it glows white under UV. like most nail varnishes, it's
> suspended in some volatile organic solvent (propanone or propan-2-ol,
> possibly), which might make it a pain to use on painted or glued figs,

Unless you want to clean all paint of them (and melt any plastic parts),
probably is what it would do. Organic solvents is the thing to use to
your old minis.


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