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Re: KV, Humans, and Political Divisions

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:54:37 +1000
Subject: Re: KV, Humans, and Political Divisions

G'day Roger,

>This is one of the biggest myths I have seen.	Think about the
>versus Cro-magnon.  The archaelogists claim that it didn't need to be
>warfare that wiped out the Neanderthals, a 1% advantage over the course
>of 800-1000 years was enough. 

I think the numbers on that are getting higher (2% over 1000s of years,
given geological time its a quibble) - stems mostly from their differing
attitudes to resource management and how that impacted upon infant
mortality rates as far as I remember.

>Do you know for sure that there isn't 
>some group of humans who has a 1% advantage over the rest of the human
>race such that they will absorb the rest of us?  And then there could
>be some subgroup or minor mutation...

Let alone genetic engineering which may well lead to another homo
based purely on the economics of the whole thing.

>We can't "conquer" our environment any more than we can conquer
>About all we seem to be able to do is to destroy our environment, much
>like a bacteria culture in a petri dish.

Which may well lead to a new dominant species in itself. From an
point of view, all those places we've trashed (Black Sea etc) work just
fine, they just don't work the way they used to and in such a way that
profitable or comfortable (or even necessarily habitable) for us. 

Better get back to work


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