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RE: KV, Humans, and Political Divisions

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 07:04:00 -0500
Subject: RE: KV, Humans, and Political Divisions

I think that, perhaps, you are an exception.
>From your post, it seems that you have had a fair ammount of time to
with and, thus, pick up on the distinction between North American
dialects. However, how long did this take? Some people are gifted in
manner, however, for most people, it would take a deal of exposure to be
able to identify the differences. 

While this is true, it would take even longer to identify the changes as
they grew more subtle. 

In both cases, the hearer has had time to destinguish the differences.
Compare them against individual diferention. Discover the patterns. Add
geographical knowledge, based on inquiry or information provided. Also,
both instances, this was done with a known language. This language
was not done on encrypted signals. And, the individuals were following
logic and speach patterns.

I agree, the more that we learn about the Kra'Vak, the more we will be
to distinguish between clans, regions, professions, etc.  However, we
not at that point in the timeline, yet. At this point, most of the
that we would have heard, would have been coded or encrypted
Open chanel communication would have been in Kra'Vak milspeak (not
language). The teams from Rot Hafen (or similar ground confrontations),
have a better idea of  this, as well as experts who have studied live
Kra'Vak prisoners [if any].

My guess, however, is that it will take YEARS to piece together even
Kra'Vak, let alone to start to distinguish differences between the
dialects. All this is not to say that the Kra'Vak are homogoneous. They
not. Just that it will take some time for humanity to discover the

Brian Bell	  

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> Further, not only can we tell a Canadian from an American, we
> distinguish between, for example, a damyankee and a Southerner.
> And if you have experience, you can distinguish accents from
> smaller areas.  In the job I just left, our customers came from
> Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia,
> Tennessee, and Alabama.  I could often tell by the accent what
> state, and sometimes what part of the state, a caller was from.
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In Texas, you can often tell from what part of the state a person was
their accents, West Texans have a thicker accent, East Texans often have
little Louisiana in their accent, those from the southern areas of
near the border, often have a spanish lilt to their phrasing, etc. This
not unusual, as I've seen this in many other parts of the US as well.


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