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Re: Ferreting out subgroups

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 15:51:45 PST
Subject: Re: Ferreting out subgroups


Probably one of the best observations on culture clash I've seen in a
  It reminds me of the quote I heard once, ostensibly from a Canadian:

"the trouble with Canada is that we had a chance to have French Quisine,

English Culture, and American Technology, but we ended up with English 
Cuisine, American Culture, and French Technology."

Brian B

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Subject: Ferreting out subgroups
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 14:10:58 -0500

Um, I'm not sure that is true. A few key questions sort us out. Similar
style questions could sort Aussies from Kiwis or even Westies from other

1. What's your national sport? In Canada, no response but Hockey is
acceptable. Baseball or Football would be a typical US answer.

2. Is your money multicoloured? If yes, Canada. If no or "we don't use
monopoly money", then US.

3. What percentage alcahol is beer? American 4-4.5%. Canadian 5-6%.

4. Are Handguns, Free Speech, and Freedom of Assembly rights enshrined
your Constitution? Canada, no (or not really). US, mostly yes.

5. Has your country ever sent a man to the moon? US, yes. Canada, no but
have a few candidates....

6. What's a butter tart? Canadian, "Ambrosia". American, "Huh?".


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