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Re: Floating Walls

From: JohnDHamill@a...
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 15:37:43 EST
Subject: Re: Floating Walls

In a message dated 3/12/00 10:06:32 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

<< >If we have to float a wall, better hope we have F.M. Atkinson
present to 
 >his engineer magic.... or else we play outside in downtown Lancaster. 
 >"Sir, Sensors show an enemy flotilla based around a BDN and a CVA
 >from the direction of the Pizza place..."
 So, is this going to be one of those scenarios where you use model kits
 the cap ships, and MicroMachines for the fighters?  We could just use
 courtyard, though I suppose the hotel might protest a little....
We once used a side parking lot of a mall for a BIG game, several
ships. It was great, but the one game took all day, and it wasn't fully
by the time we had to pack it in. the nice part was it allowed us to do 
several fights, in different parts of a system, at the same time. The
part was we had to have a GM for each little battle, so not so many of
us got 
to play. It was an interesting day...

P.S. Some of the interesting things that came out of that day were...

1) The really big fleets weren't confronted, several times enemy fleets
close enough to scout them, but got scared and didn't engage. The funny
was, some of these were made so big by using Weasel boats and dummies. 
Deception allowed the winners to get the job done, for a lot cheaper
than they would have paid by main force engagements.

2) The best ships were; small fast ships, in large squadrons, and the
capitals. The small fast boats were able to strike at the place of their

choosing, and move quickly to the next engagement, and the heavies took 
damage all day. We had destroyer to battlecruiser deaths all out of 
proportion to their numbers.

3) Concentration on the objectives, rather than battle prowess, won the
The side that won made sure they could capture their objectives before
worried about killing the enemy.

4) Big areas to play mean long-range is the king. Fighters didn't do all
well in this battle, as they didn't get to engage very often. On the
hand, the heavies got to shoot at long range, albeit with diminished

5) Never be the pursued in a stern chase, with an opponent who is 


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