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Sorta Off Topic, Orbital Bombardment and Long

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 21:33:52 -0500
Subject: Sorta Off Topic, Orbital Bombardment and Long

This is sorta off topic because the ground combat system is Ogre/Gev,
and the strategic system is Stellar Conquest, but the ship combat system
is FT, so it sorta isn't off topic...  You have been warned...

This is what I have developed to use, if you see any problems, please
let me know.  I'll probably be starting the campaign next week, if all
goes well...  Ground combat will be done with counters on my old
PanzerBlitz, PanzerLearder, and ArabIsreali Wars mapboards.  Heresy, I
know, but we'll be fighting too many battles for time consuming ground
miniture set up and stikes.  Termonology, B = Barren planet, MT =
Minimal Terran planet, ST = Sub Terran planet, T = Terran planet.

9. Ortillary:
 Step 1: Determine ships in orbit over the battle field.  Attacker
divides his fleet up and place it into all, some, or none of the six
orbital positions.  1d6 is then rolled to determine which one of the
orbital positions is over the battle field on turn 1.  Each turn the,
the position increments by 1, with 6 incrementing to 1.  Only ships in
orbit over the battle field may conduct orbital bombardment that turn.
Note that Needle Beams are handled separately.
 Step 2: Attacker declares his target hexes and what he will be firing
at each hex (for the fleet, not individual ships).
 Step 2: Attacker rolls for accuracy of each barrage.  1-3 on target,
4-5 off by one hex, 6, off by two hexes.
 Step 3: Roll 1d6 for direction of error, if needed.
 Step 4: Roll for damage of the barrage.  Beams and Sub Munition Packs
roll as normal at the shortest range band, less screening effect of the
atmosphere, B none, MT, level 1, ST level 2, and T level 3.  Note that
this screening effect does effect SMP's.  Pulse Torpedoes roll to hit,
with B at 2+, MT at 3+, ST at 4+, and T at 5+.	Salvo Missiles roll to
lock on, B with 1d6, MT with 1d6-1, ST with 1d6-2, and T with 1d6-3.
Each missile or torpedo does 1d 6 points of damage.  Beams and SBM due
normal damage, including re-rolls.
 Step 5: Apply full value of the barrage to all units in the barrage
hex, and one half value to all units in the adjacent six hexes.  OGRE's
halve all damage from Orbital Barrages, but must check for every system
on the OGRE.  The -1 for stealth OGRE's does count.  Fighters use their
listed D value to  survive Orbital Barrages.

 Needle Beam in orbit over the battle field nominate a target unit or
OGRE system and roll 1d6.  On a 6, that unit or system is destroyed
regardless of all other considerations.  On a 5, that unit or system
undergoes a strength 1 attack.

Thank for any feedback,


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