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From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 16:13:04 -0500
Subject: PDS vs. IAVR/LAW/SMAW/etc.

If I've read some of what Oerjan and others have said on this, RE DS2
mechanics, the PDS systems don't stop IAVRs? This does seem strange if
Do point defence charges stop them?

I ask because it seems to me likely that PDS systems and PDCs can (and
have some effectiveness against personal AT weapons. Now, RRs may be
hard to
stop today because the PDS on a vehicle is not up to the task, but I
heard of Phalanx systems deflecting 16 inch shells weighing 2000 pounds.
this is true, why couldn't they drive off a smaller CG RR round? And if
eventually get GACs (small MDCs for the DS2ers), why wouldn't we be
of engaging IAVRs, GMS, SMAW, LAW, etc.? 

It seems to me in order to engage such a projectile, you need:
1) a sensor system that can track small projectiles
2) an AI/expert system that can recognize a threat
3) a fire control system that can lock onto such projectiles fast
4) a rapid fire gun with accurate targetting and a high slew rate in all
axes of control

We've beaten all of these in Naval applications (Phalanx, Goalkeeper,
Does it seem unlikely these will shrink to be aboard tanks and other
They'll get lighter, smaller, cheaper, faster, and more effective. I
see PDS being unable, by 2183, to engage IAVRs and other similar
This is doubly true if some recent US experiments with laser
horizon-to-horizon area defense systems show satisfactory results and
this can be workable. It may well be by 2183 that anything in the air
can be
engaged by such a high-powered, very accurate laser driven by powerful
target acquisition and tracking systems mounted on a fast slewing
gun mount. 

Just a thought. Haven't had a chance to play DS2 yet, but I know I'd
IAVRs and RRs to be engageable by PDS (which, no doubt, since DS2 is a
points game, means PDS would have to be upcosted). 

Thomas Barclay
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