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From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 14:41:48 -0500
Subject: KV

I think someone summed up my thoughts on the causes of the Ro'Kah very
by saying even humans have a lot of senses we aren't aware of. I'm
to stipulate (in a Tuffley-esque non-specific-way) that the KV Ro'Kah is
brought on by a complex series of factors which probably include some
pheremonal cues, possibly body language, and perhaps some supersensory
that together produce the desired result. 

1) Does what Jon says it does in game terms

2) Allows us to explain how officers/NCOs for ground troops exert some
control over their troops (they are older, more experienced, and have
attained a higher degree of control over their reactions and maybe their
body chemistry has changed and stabilized - the Juves being like human
adolescents and teenagers with lots of pep and fury), and the older
heads help 'keep a lid on'. 

3) Allows that some aren't affected by the Ro'Kah at all - their brains
just wired a wee bit differently so they don't get the benefits of the
Ro'Kah (pheremones don't set them off and they just don't seem to react
the other cues like body language, audial cues, etc), but they don't
the negatives. And they can extend their calm very effectively to those
around them (by providing them in effect with another set of cues -
pheremonal, audial, body posture, supersensory - that is the opposite of
rage). This effect (Sia'na style) works best at close range, but can
over video comms too at reduced effect (some of the cues are present,
are lost over comms). 

4) Prevents the humans from using it against the KV easily. Thus it is
racial character without being an Achilles Heel. 

I think this is probably the most satisfactory combination of all the

As for my work with Los, most of it has been around defining KV in terms
useful to SG2 and FMA Skirmish (They're IMO even cooler in Skirmish!).
Rot Hafen focused a bit more on their background. And our Grey Day
focused on how two clans can work together to a common end without
each other. Similar to how two countries today can work together for
purpose without being "best friends". In our model, it still won't
the KV Clans from opposing one another on one hand, while working
at another juncture (just like Humans in that sense). Some breaches of
conduct may result in clan emnity or some such similar to the great fued
between the Campbells of (I think) Glen Lyon and the MacDonalds (though
Glencoe massacre seems to have been a machination of William of Orange).
sure, left to their own devices, with no external threats, the KV are
to be as much of a danger to themselves as humans. But both, having
discovered the other, are likely to present a more unified front, at
in the beginning. 


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