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Re: On-going KV debate

From: "J Sadler" <jsadler@e...>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 10:03:42 +1000
Subject: Re: On-going KV debate

>OUR differing views come out a hell of a lot more often, why shouldn't

Since the KV are still rather unknown to humanity, perhaps we haven't
yet the diversity of their culture. I mean in Rot Hafen, we saw two (I
think) Clans. There have to be more. Maybe these two are the Clans that
power in the areas that are in touch with humanity (similar to the fact
perhaps the OU and NAC hold power in the areas that touch KV). Other
are kept away from humanity by the threat of war with the controlling

Thus for example, say the KV have a system of ten to twelve Clans, each
jockeying for position, each sometimes fighting and then supporting
each doing things and then blaming other Clans. Maybe they have a
representative council of Clans, who report to a Grand Mother (hey, I'm
on a
roll here!) Or maybe they don't, and each Clan really fends for itself -
which sounds even better, and gives more credence to the two Clans in
contact with humanity keeping the others away (for the glory of the hunt
maybe? As shown by Rot Hafen - and history - we humans will cast aside
differences and band together to face an outside threat. Given their
Clan structure, I doubt the KV would do that. They'd want all the glory
the hunt to go to their own Clan).

Just some thoughts. :)

Jeremy Sadler
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