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Re: Falkenberg/DSII

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Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 16:35:43 EST
Subject: Re: Falkenberg/DSII

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> I must confess to having read little of the series, I have read Prince
>  Mercenaries, Go Tell the Spartans, and Prince of Sparta, which fall
>  order.  According to the book, other books in the series are:
>  Legion; Birth of Fire; High Justice; and King David's Spaceship. 
Keep in 
>  mind, these are about the LEgion, the planet Sparta, and the birth of
>  empire, all set in the nadir of the CoDo.
>  Brian B
Speaking as a person taht has wll of the Pournelle books ever written on
bookshelf somewhere (except "Gripping Hand"--or whatever the follow-on
was to "Mote..."):

Only Prince of Mercenaries, Falkenberg's Legion (The Mercenary, West of 
Honor), Go Tell the Spartans, Prince of Sparta are Falkenburg/Sparta
IIRC.  There are others set in the CoDominion universe, though.

And yes, I'm going back to the bfginning and will be reading the whole 
Falkenburg/Sparta series.



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