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Re: Falkenberg/DSII

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Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 13:31:52 EST
Subject: Re: Falkenberg/DSII

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<< I must confess to having read little of the series, I have read
Prince of 
 Mercenaries, Go Tell the Spartans, and Prince of Sparta, which fall in 
 order.  According to the book, other books in the series are:
 Legion; Birth of Fire; High Justice; and King David's Spaceship.  Keep
 mind, these are about the LEgion, the planet Sparta, and the birth of a
 empire, all set in the nadir of the CoDo.
King David's Spaceship is set in the Second Empire, after the collapse
both the CoDo and the First Empire. Birth  of fire is set further back
time i believe, and High Justice is set around the same time as the 
Falkenburg's Legion stories, but is only peripheral to the stories. The
of Pournelle's novels are set in this universe, but differ vastly in the
frame. His books range from near future to far future, spanning several 
thousand years. In fact the Mote in God's Eye, that he and Niven wrote,
set in the far future of the same universe as the Falkenburg's Legion
CoDo stories. All are great books to base games on, although you do get
impression that Falkenburg, like Drake's Alois Hammer, is unbeatable.


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