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Bailey's Lament #6

From: GBailey@a...
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 12:00:46 EST
Subject: Bailey's Lament #6

There is no Lament #6.

Alright, I heard those sighs of relief.

Actually, I have good news.  I had a very successful evening of
Full Thrust and all to one ship design and die rolls being at least
average and some going my way.	The ship design is at the end
of this post.  Even Steve, he who is the god of 6s, rolled about
average for a change and his many 4s bounced off my screen.
And when he did roll a series of 6s, he was on my side and
hit every critical system on the opponent's ship in one threshold
check.	It was so nice to not be on the receiving end for a
change.  Against Steve I even got initiative at the crucial moment: 
we ended up 1 inch apart, full salvos facing each other, and my 
double thresholding 6 pulse torpedo salvo took out the bridge and 
all fire controls before he got to fire.  It was glorious.

My "winning" design, with 3 victories and 1 draw, silhouetted 
in a Klingon D-7 style ship:
Mass: 184
Cost: 619
Average hull (55), 12 armor, single screen
FTL, Main drive 4
3 FC, 6 PDS, 1 ADFC
2 pulse torp launchers (FP+F+FS) in the nose
2 pulse torp launchers (AP+FP+F) in left warp nacelle
2 pulse torp launchers (F+FS+AS) in right warp nacelle
1 pulse torp launcher (AP+A+AS) in main hull

It's also on my web page under Klingon: torpedo armed
It does have a mistake in missing a hull box on the bottom
hull line.


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