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Re: OT: Mag Blast

From: J Noble <jnoble@a...>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 00:44:49 -0900
Subject: Re: OT: Mag Blast

OK, so this is a little off-topic, but for the benefit of any

I have played Mag-Blast on several occasions, and it is a fast, fun 
little game.   Each player represents a fleet belonging to a 
different race, each of which has some special racial ability.	The 
goal of the game is to be the last player with an intact flagship. 
Flagships have no offensive ability, but are defended by your 
surrounding fleet of ships (each player starts with 4 ships)

Your fleet area is divided into 4 zones (think north, south, east and 
west) around your flagship.  Ships in the north zone can attack ships 
in ANY	player's north zone, but ONLY that zone.  To attack a 
flagship you must be able to attack an enemy zone that has _no_ 
defending ships in it.

There a 3 types of weapons, which deliver 1,3,and 5 pts of damage. 
Different ship classes are capable of using different weapons.


The subtitle of Mag-Blast is "Screaming Space Battles"

The rules state that whenever you perform an attack on an enemy ship, 
you must make some kind of sound effect.  Your choice.	Zap, Ka-pow, 
clank, bang, ka-zot, whatever.	If you forget to make a sound effect, 
and then move on to another action, your attack fails and is 
discarded.  Rules like this ensure that gamers continue to get weird 
looks from everyone around us.

But it really is a run little game.

>I realize this is off-topic.
>Has anyone in this group played Mag Blast?  I'm looking for a game to
>play with my colleagues during a lunch hour.  Could someone give me
>a quick review of the game?  If you don't think the group would be
>interested, you can e-mail your response directly to me.  Thanks.

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