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Re: Falkenberg/DSII

From: Brian Quirt <baqrt@m...>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 22:40:04 -0400
Subject: Re: Falkenberg/DSII

Laserlight wrote:
> >If anyone has read Pournelle's Falkenberg's Legion/Sparta series,
I've come
> >up with some stats for the Cataphract light AFV from the book Prince
> >Sparta.  Based on the conversation Lysander has with the design team
> >Sparta's technology level and what they had to work with, I've
> >that the Cataphract is a class 2 vehicle, Fast tracked, with a CFE
engine, 2
> >levels of Reactive armor,
> Reactive?  I must have missed that...

Quoting from pp. 57-58 (my paperback version):
	"The armor's a sandwich," Azziz said, slapping it
"Twenty mm of steel, then a layer of interwoven Nemourlon and
iron-chrome thread in insulac, then another 20mm of steel. With this on
top." He held up a square of some hard glossy material, on a sheet-metal
backing. "High-stability explosive. Fire a shaped-charge warhead at it,
and it explodes and disrupts the plasma jet. Old Dayan idea."
	"From Earth, really," Melissa said....

	I see that as being 'reactive' within the meaning of the term.

> >Basic targeting and ECM
> Weren't they buying electronics from Friedland?  I seem to recall the 
> Friedlanders were starting to wonder about the quantites the Spartans
> buying.

	Yes, indeed that was the case. I'd probably give it Enhanced
(which they were definitely buying), but maybe only Basic ECM.

> >The 155 mm artillery version became a light artillery piece, the
extra space
> >being taken up by 1 extra fire mission's worth of ammo.
> I think of Light Arty as 81mm mortar; I'd think of 155mm
> howitzers as at least medium.

	Unfortunately, Medium artillery (treated as Class 4), takes up
space, and a Class 2 vehicle (which I think this is) only has 10.

	By the way, if a design's been made, I'm guessing there might be
miniatures? I'm quite interested in the universe, and I'd be very
interested in hearing what other people may be using in the way of

-Brian Quirt

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