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RE: KV Psychology/Physiology - Sia'Na and Ro'Kah.

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 12:29:51 -0500
Subject: RE: KV Psychology/Physiology - Sia'Na and Ro'Kah.

In response to #2, it does not even have to be extra-sensory. The Ro'Kah
could be triggered by the body language and other subliminal signals of
other Kra'Vak. This would explain how the Ro'Kah can be transmitted over
long distances (radio, video). The Sai'Na are able to recognize the
but since they don't generate the chemicals, are unaffected by them.
allows them to identify the body language and subliminal signals that
have a calming effect on Kra'Vak. With this as a hypothesis, I would
that face-to-face communication would have a better chance of
provoking/suppressing the Ro'Kah. Video communication would be slightly
effective. Audio (radio, shipboard communication) would be less
And written or other communication even less effective.

Again, using Los' and Tom's model, all KV juveniles would serve in the
ground force military. Those who matured, would be tested and
transferred to
other military service as their talents/interests indicated. Those who
not control the Ro'Kah, would be selected by Mr. Murphy and Mr. Darwin
posthumous duty. 
  Probably one step above the Juve assault squad would be KV heavy
squads (SAW, GMS/P, etc.) or if their talents indicated, fighter pilot
Again, these would tend to deselect the KV who could not
the Ro'Kah to their benefit.

I agree with #3, the further away from personal danger, the less effect
the Ro'Kah would have. Infantry are the most effected. When facing
NONE of the calming body language is being displayed by the enemy. If
have ever interacted with someone who's mental disability is more than
you know the feeling that they would have. There is no signals (or
conflicting signals) as to what the individual is going to do. It puts
on edge (and would push the KV toward Ro'Kah). From an AFV, long
or in space conflict, the KV relies less on these signals, so the Ro'Kah
takes longer to be invoked.

Brian Bell

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> Subject:	KV Psychology/Physiology - Sia'na and Ro'kah. 
> Some thoughts:
> 1. The Purple (Sia'na - pardon the sp?) KV ...[snip]
> 2. Note Jon said they "don't understand it". The KV demonstrably
> understand
> advanced science, and I think it likely chemistry is high on that
> Ergo, I think this is more of an extrasensory thing than a measurable
> chemical phenom like pheremones. Plus that explains how it works
> PA
> and across space. Plus I think this is more in line with a predatory
> sense. Plus it makes it unlikely the humans will brew up a "chemical
> to flumox the KV. 
> I think the extrasensory nature is also interesting on a strictly
> RPG/philosophy level: Instead of being a simple "what goo needs
> to
> calm the Brood", it becomes a personal quest for every KV to attain
> mastery over himself (and the leaders and such do so through mental
> discipline and inward looking techniques - whereas the Sia'na would be
> valued not only in battle but in life outside because of their
> calm
> and control). It makes for a more interesting conflict and one that is
> easier to imagine as "inscrutable" to the advanced KV than simple
> pheremones.
> (IMO). 
> 3. My explanation for why it affects KV in order of severity (infantry
> most,
> then PA/AFVs/Space Fighters, then starships):
> Ro'Kah is a community response, extrasensory in nature, and brought on
> the immediate presence of a physical danger. Infantry are the closest
> most exposed to the sensations and threats that bring on this state.
> and PA are isolated, but not immune. Starships are even more isolated,
> except for fighters which have the greatest "awareness" of these kind
> threats. 
> 4. I'm going to work with Los to tidy up our KV SG2/FMA Skirmish
> and
> then send it to Jon for his review (at his request). Sometime
> if
> he doesn't say "please don't release this because we want to use some
> it
> in BDS", I'll publish some collected/amended stuff for use. 
> Tom. 

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