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Re: KV history/psychology - St. Jon has been reading minds again.....

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 23:15:13 -0500
Subject: Re: KV history/psychology - St. Jon has been reading minds again.....

Laserlight wrote:

> >We concluded that this was (similar to Jon) a defence mechanism
> for the
> >species - both for the individual and (on a larger scale) for
> the clan and
> >race. Individuals were expendable to protect key clan/race
> assets.
> 1 a)	Do they each berserk individually, or
>     b) does the first to berserk give off pheromones which help
> trip the response in other nearby individuals?
> 2 a)	If the latter, does the pheromone guarantee the response
> (no die roll needed), or
>     b) does it just raise the probability (die roll modifier) ?
> I would think b) for both of the above.  If it's a survival
> trait, you'd survive a lot better by having a gang of berserkers
> attack all at once, rather than one at a time.  Individuals
> would vary in degree of susceptibility to the response, plus
> you'd have environmental factors like wind, rain, and distance.

In short our Kra'Vak frenzy rules have both an individual component and
a group component.

First off a Kra'Vak Claw (platoon) is organized as such:

A KV Juve starts out in the :
2xClaws: (each w/ six figs armed with nailers). These are assault
squads. They are comprised of the youngest KV (known as Juves). It is
their mission in life to close w/ the enemy. They do not have to check
to enter CC. They also get a special movement type when entering Close
combat known as "burst move" which is 3dx instead of 2dx combat move
(they also have standard combat move available to them.) A burst move
subjects them to a winding check (normal reaction check, which leaves
them suppressed if failed). They CC at +1 quality die type.

(once the JV matures, and shows prowess just prior to switching sex it
can go either into the Eyes or Fists)
2x Eyes: (each with two figs armed w/ Nailers<FP2 Impact D12>) They are
scout specialists and have the ability to make scouting attempts with a
+1 quality die shift.

4x Fists (each is a three fig team comprised of either a SAWor a GMS
with Nialers for the other figs) These are the heavy weapons teams. They
are not subject to Burst move (Older and smarter and more heavily laden.

HQ: Two figs with Nailers. Comprised of Platoon leader and one
escort/comms man (note, not EW)

FRENZY: (which will know be known to us as: RO'KAH (Clouded War Mind)
This occurs in two circumstances.
INDIVIDUAL: (This applies to all Kra'Vak)
If a Kra'Vak figure receives a wound, either in close combat or direct
fire and the wound fails to either incapacitate or kill, then he must
make a +2 reaction test for FRENZY. Failure means that the figure must
proceed directly to the nearest enemy figure and continue to CC until
such time as he dies, kills everyone, or passes a +2 reaction test to
calm (After he has no enemy figs within move radius. A figure in frenzy
ignores all suppression results. Upon coming out of frenzy the figure is
automatically winded (suppressed).

There are two special actions available to the Kra'Vak platoon leader,
company and bn commander (and purple Kra'Vak.)

Invoke Frenzy (RO'KAH) A platoon leader, who make a successful comms
check can attempt to induce Frenzy by making a +2 reaction check.
(Against the CLaw leaders quality die.)  If the PL is within six inches
from his squad leaders then no commo check is needed. After that the
Frenzy proceeds as normal. A KV company commander can do this with a +1
Frenzy Check and with a Battalion commander it's automatic.

SO a leader can do the old pass two actions down to his squad leaders
and get both Claws into Frenzy at once.

Calm Frenzy (RO'KAH)
The leader reverses the process with a +2 RC check by each squad (after
passing the action) to calm frenzy. No bonus for bn or company CO. It's
harder to get them to stop.

Now the key is to fit the Purple Kra'Vak (SIA'NA?) into this scheme. We
could have him be the only guy to be able to revoke Frenzy or we could
have him be the only guy to invoke it (though I don't like that) or we
could have his presence allow the whole force, provided it's within one
range band of him, go Frenzy after one frenzy check.

Anyway, Tom and I have been using these Frenzy rules since last
September in a number of test games (as well as this Kra'Vak TOE and
other rules) and they were refined for Grey Day. Tom can refine these as
I may have been off on a few points. They've been working quite well. In
the absence of BDS, it's _our_ cannon and we were getting ready to post
the whole thing.



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