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RE: [OFFICIAL] Kra'Vak psychology preview!

From: Denny Graver-Elstree <denny.graver@b...>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 12:54:58 -0000
Subject: RE: [OFFICIAL] Kra'Vak psychology preview!

I can see the title now P'nk Ro'Kah - Sia'Na'Ra...;-)

I'll get me coat....... 

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>	This suggests a great story -- the first Kra'vak leader to
> use a Sia'Na officer corp. You can almost hear the traditionalists
> dismissing the "army led by cowards".
>	And then getting their tails handed to them.
> -- 
> "The bullets are just his way of saying 'Keep it down, I've got a
> hangover.'"

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