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Re: MP3 - Doom II soundtrack

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 18:32:26 -0500
Subject: Re: MP3 - Doom II soundtrack

I have the whole Doom soundtrack on Audio CD. I can rip it to MP3 no
(For evaluation purposes only) Kr'rt, Magic and myself have kicked
playing Team Forterss FMA.


"Thomas.Barclay" wrote:

> Anyone know of a copy of the Doom II background music in MP3 format?
> .wav? I can always convert. That music would help "make" the setting
> I would also like the files for the various weapons (especially
> I have envisioned this FMA Doom game where I build a mockup of the
> level of Doom II and each player spawns in at a respawn point without
> kit and runs around to pick it up. Then they try to scrag the other
> with chainsaw (close combat weapon), berserker pack (close combat
> pistol, pump shotgun, double barrelled shotgun, gatling SAW, pulse
> (Rapid Fire Plasma Gun), and BFG (area effect template weapon). Armour
> can be picked up as can weapons by running over them.
> I think it'd be fun, and we'd count who got the most frags (lose a
frag for
> being killed of course) and that'd determine the winner. A relatively
> game you could play in an hour or two. If you were killed, you respawn
> deciding when in the turn order you wanted to spawn in (hit
> You could wait if you thought you'd respawn at a bad time. And respawn
> points would be randomly selected.
> I think this would make a fast, violent game that would demonstrate
the FMA
> Skirmish mechanics and let players kill lots of things.
> It'd be a challenge to find appropriate figs - the Fed Marines from
> Ainsty/Denizen have about the right helmet. Maybe someone makes Doom
II figs
> with different weapons in 25 or 28mm.
> Thomas Barclay
> Software UberMensch
> xwave solutions
> (613) 831-2018 x 3008

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