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Proper mass ratings

From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 11:42:10 -0500
Subject: Proper mass ratings

1. Required:
1 miniature to be tested
1 scale - accurate into tenths or hundredths of a gram - digital or
	- must have TARE function
1 beaker
some H20(aq) (aka distilled water)

2. Process:

A) Put beaker on scale empty.

B) TARE the scale to zero it with the current weight of beaker. 

C) Fill to brim with water. Try to avoid a highly curved meniscus. You
roughly a flat top on the water. But fill to the brim. 

D) Note Full Weight. Because you TARE'd the scale, your beaker is not
of the eq'n. So all you have is the weight of the water. 

E) Remove beaker careful not to spill. Place over sink. 

F) Insert mini into beaker. Ensure it is submerged. This will force
out in proportion to the size of the mini. Make sure again there is no
meniscus on top of the beaker. Remove the mini. Dry off any drips from
sides or bottom of beaker.  

G) Replace partially full beaker on scale. Check weight. 

H) Difference in before/after weight corresponds to water displacement
mini (MASS in FT terms). Using standard mass minis (FB), you can
baseline Mass Point/Actual Weight conversions factor to apply to
non-standard minis. 

NOTE: Avoid measuring figure with stand attached. For figures made of
styrene that want to float, push them down with very small brass rod
displace much additional water). 

Of course, this is vaguely insane. But if you happen to have access to a
lab, it'll work. And it ought to give fair readings of mass despite

Oh, and if you aren't totally anal, just eyeball the mini and come up
with a
figure for estimated mass that you can live with. :) 


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