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Aftermath Fiction from Grey Day

From: Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay <kaladorn@h...>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 02:11:17 -0500
Subject: Aftermath Fiction from Grey Day

This will help contextualize the Grey Day scenario and its outcome.

Brief outline for those not in Lancaster (bet you feel left out since
you didn't stand with Leonidas and his 300 - or in this case Rick and
his five or six...):

early 2165 - KV know about humans, but not much about them. Don't know
how tough a nut they will be to crack or what threat they may possess.
They organize a "hunting trip" with two clans to go get some "samples"
and to engage some human warriors to see if they can figure how tough
the humans are. Op is a black op (deniable) as they wish to remain
unknown to the humans. This is a long range op.

Human EFE (Etats Federal Europa - FSE to you Anglifiers) and New Swabian
League forces are in a period of some cooperation. As an attempt to
foster understanding between forces, professional exchanges are
undertaken. In this case, a joint task force of Swabian and EFE ships is
supervising an excercise on LTT 3902 (a deserted little spot on the map)
where an EFE Legion Etrange Colonial formation (A Platoon of the 5ieme
Regiment Aerospaciale Etrange (5REA) lead by a confident and beautiful
St. Cyr graduate (Major Andrea D'Aubagne, Elite-1) forms an integrated
part of an NSL Luftelandesturm Kompanie. The task force was fatefully
named Zummassenarbeit (cooperation).

AAR in a Nutshell: As the fiction for a Grey Day To Die indicates, the
KV pop insystem and surprise the humans. Handcuffed by first contact
ROE, the humans are overwhelmed by the KV and destroyed to a vessel. The
KV then land ground troops and assault the human forces who attempt to
hold until relieved. This spawned the SG2 monster scenario (winner of
the Carter Island Award) at GZG ECC III. The KV engage the humans,
capture 12-20 prisoners (the Purple KV was busy) (including building an
impromptu prison area in their rear... eh Tom?) and some samples of
human equipment. They get a taste of a gritty, tough human adversary
that fights like a cornered K'ta'tak! The humans put up a fierce and
effective resistance, falling back mostly in good order (though a
determined KV assault pretty much obliterates their leftmost flank).
Effective use of reserves holds the day. The game ends with some human
forces surviving and the KV having their prisoners and samples and a
bloody nose to mull over - these humans will not be an easy target. Of
course, the humans don't know that their Sector HQ hasn't heard from the
fleet - no survivors - so no reinforcements will arrive in time. The
human enclave on LTT 3902 gets nuked flat (sanitization) after the KV
have lifted out their wrecked vehicles. A pretty thorough pounding with
nukes makes sure that little evidence will be left.

So the fiction that follow is putting the aftermath into a historical
context. The FSE and NSL blame each other, and it isn't till far later
the truth comes out.


10 MAR 2165 - PARIS, FRANCE (SOL III) – Yet again Neu Swabian League
Envoys declared categorically that the destruction of Task Force
Zummasenarbeit (Co-operation as it was fatefully named) and the
ecosphere of LTT 3902 on 26/27 FEB 2165 was not their doing. The Neu
Swabian officials denied any involvement in this act of betrayal and
murder and instead insisted that the Etats Federal Europa Military
Command had been behind the destruction of the Task Force and a company
of the 1st Luftelandesturm Division. EFE Defense Ministry officials call

such charges “a blatant attempt to distract the community of mankind
from the horrendous massacre the Huns are responsible for – yet another
attempt to destroy the Etats Federal Europa, their traditional rivals in

Europe.” A spokesman for the EFE President Jean Renault has released a
statement to the press indicating that EFE cannot be placated or bullied

into ignoring this attrocity and will not “allow the murder of its

sailors and members of La Legion Etrange Colonial to go unpunished.”
Sources at the EFE Defense Ministry have indicated that the all EFE
Military Sector Commands have had their readiness level upgraded "just
in case".


9 MAR 2165 - BONN, GERMANY (SOL III) – The Leader of the right-wing
militarist Ein Reich party, speaking to a crowd of other politicians,
statesmen, and senior military men was extremely critical of the League
government’s investigation of “the FSE perfidity at LTT 3902”. Gunter
Galland, who was elected leader of Ein Reich on the back of strong
anti-French sentiments and a policy of refurbishing the New Swabian
Army, was also heard to remark “Mark my words, it will not be long now
until we will once again have to put the boot to the treacherous Frogs
and their unspeakable allies again. We cannot continue to deal as
civilized beings with barbaric savages for whom honour and truth mean
nothing. French Honour is an oxymoron, but fortunately for us, French
Courage is equally imaginary.” Galland indicated that if his party was
elected in the upcoming elections, he would "Teach the French and their
lackeys that barbarism will be met with barbarism." Pollsters indicate
a groundswell of support for an anti-French platform in the wake of
the growing tensions between the two European power blocks and the
catastrophe at LTT 3902.


15 MAR 2165 - GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (SOL III) - Interstellar News Services
investigative reporters have received copies of leaked Etats Federal
Europa Military
Command documents that indicate only FSE and NSL wreckage was found
LTT 3902, although strangely little of it (and no ship's transponders)
was found.
What is therefore not clear, even to the EFE investigators, is who fired
the first shot,
although they seem to presume it was the Neu Swabian force. Apparently
were dispatched to the surface, but it was so contaminated (in the area
where the
suspected battle occured) that only in-vehicle reconaissance was
possible and that
revealed nothing more than a radioactive wasteland. No useful
intelligence could
be gained, but in this area, unidentified EFE sources high in the
Military Command
speculate that the NSL force must have battled the brave Legion Etrange
detachment until, unable to overcome the steadfaste Legionaires, the NSL
then called
upon orbital nuclear bombardment to finish the matter without honour,
the Legionaires
holding out to the last and probably crying "Camarein!" even as they


15 MAR 2190 - BONN, GERMANY (SOL III) - Today, through Access to
the Net-zine Volkisherbeobachter uncovered a decades-old conspiracy of
silence on behalf of
the New Swabian League Military Intelligence Agency. Apparently there
were a few
human survivors of the "Betrayal at LTT 3902" as it became known. These
shocked and sick soldiers were spirited away from the sight by a black
ops team
of the Military Intelligence Agency.

Apparently the military leaders and politicians of the day were kept in
and were never apprised that survivors existed and most importantly that
those survivors
told a very different story of the battle at LTT 3902 than the
officially sanctioned version
of the time, which no doubt contributed to the opening of the Third
Solar War with all
its attendant attrocitiesand savageries.

The official transcripts of the survivors debriefings indicates a high
degree of skepticism
for the resultant story - that of "strange aliens" destroying the Task
Force and the ad hoc
Kampfgruppe Wittman despite a valiant and cooperative battle between the
EFE/NSL force
and the strange aliens. The survivors even recount the gallant courage
of the tough
Legionaires and the Legionaires respect for the fighting spirit and
professionalism of the
Luftelandesturm. It is unclear from these transcripts as to what was
done with these few
French, Spanish, German and Austrian survivors, although all of the Neu
Swabian families
of these survivors had been informed their loved ones had been slain in
"a hideous,
murderous betrayal by the associated FSE Legion force."

The FSE government has no information indicating the existence of these
prisoners and is
certain they were never notified or repatriated - at least no records
exist. It seems quite
likely that these inconvenient witnesses were "disposed of" once they
told their stories,
as their unpleasant truths could well have upset the collision course
between the two
European giants that contributed to so much violence in the Third Solar

It appears the NSL MIA had very little confidence in the veracity of the
"alien enemy" premise at the
time anyway. Sadly, their shortsightedness became apparent with the
start of the Xeno War,
but like any dark thing once hidden, it resisted exposure to the light
of day. Only through dedicated
perserverance and the profligate use of lawyers, advocates, and inside
sources was the truth able
to be brought to light.

In a related note, the familes of the Neu Swabian survivors identified
in these now-revealed documents
are attempting to link up with the FSE survivor's families and are
planning to instigate a massive civil action
against the NSL government. They also plan to demand a Public Inquiry
overseen by the government's own
Justice Ministry with the idea that criminal proceedings, courts
martial, and public censure be levied against
those engaged in this coverup and the disappearance of these survivors.

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