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Re: [DS2] Walkers

From: Alderfek@a...
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 00:35:51 EST
Subject: Re: [DS2] Walkers

In a message dated 03/05/2000 10:43:14 PM US Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< >The Alarishi Imperial Armed Service fields quite a number of
 >Combat Walkers in all sizes, but I have no idea what figures to
 >use.	This is for DS2 so they'd need to be 6mm scale.   The size
 >1's should, if possible, look like upsized NSL power armor.
 >Larger sizes should, well, look like 6mm vehicles.  Suggestions?
 >--Chris  DeBoe

Well if you can find them, use the old Warhammer 40K plastic
These are about 6-10 mm tall. Link to a pic of them is below with a
for scale.


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