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Re: That MP3 Soundtrack

From: "Paul Radford" <paulradford@i...>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 23:47:01 -0000
Subject: Re: That MP3 Soundtrack

Various contributors scribed:

>From: Los <>
>At GZG the concept was almost executed properly as we brought down tons
>expect that my CD/DVD drive on my notebook began developing serious
problem. But

Let the search begin! Hopefully the Aliens sound track is out there
somewhere in mp3 format (for starters).

>Next time Kr'rt comes up (end of month) we'll make a concerted effort
>consolidate all the stuff I have into appropriate directories so Kr'rt
>MP3 directories for download.

Thats excellent news. An mp3 resource for gaming purposes would be
appreciated by everyone here IMHO.

>From: Los <>
>BTW It has been about 18 months since we had  a serious soundtrack
discussion. As
>you guys may know, you often need look no further than some of your own
>disks. A few places to look (Note: With every one of these games. the
>worth the price of the game)...

I have a couple of the Command & Conquer ones which can be found at in the downloads/music section, as
well as music from Starcraft in mp3 format. Also found a track called
Point Unlimited. Not sure where i got it from but was the result of a
trawl thought an mp3 site. Its part of my very small, but slowly
mp3 playlist. I wouldn't say it was atmospheric as such but i've had no
complaints about it during our FT games. If anyone wants a listen, its
and i can e-mail it to you (replies off list please).

>From: Jon Davis <>

>> Shattered Steel: (audio) If you ever see this CD in a bargain bin,
it! Forget

>I've already ripped these into MP3 format.  Interested?

Yes please Jon.


"Oh my god! They've summoned Cthulhu! You bastards!

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