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Re: GMS vs. Infantry

From: Henrix <henrix@p...>
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 04:34:53 +0100
Subject: Re: GMS vs. Infantry

"Thomas.Barclay" wrote:

> 3. Fire at infantry: Infantry defends on D4 in the open, give cover
and IP
> shifts to the dice. Instead of using unlimited range (targetting
> though not terribly hard, is probably as easy as targetting infantry
with a
> rifle), use standard range bands to determine base defense die
(shifted as
> required for cover). This is the "effective ECM die" of the infantry
> fired at. A hit which is a minor impact scores a suppression and a D8
> against squad members (defend with armour, cover, IP shifts(I think IP
> shifts armour checks but I can't recall for certain, I know cover
does)). On
> a major impact, apply a suppression, pick one figure and apply a
contact hit
> (d12 for GMS, 2d12 for GMS/L, 4d12 for GMS/H) and then apply D8 to the
> others in the squad (again adjusted for armour and IP)

These rules look good to me, except the damage allocation to infantry.
Am I
reading you correctly here? Do you really propose a D8 impact hit on
squad member on a minor hit? In the open, on a squad with D6 armour,
that means
31% wounds and 25% kills! The argument does indeed tend toward GMS being
against infantry, but...
As for your major hit effect...I thought the firer had thrown the switch
turned of the HEAT? Using GMS as a specialized anti-PA (no, not
pennsylvania ;-)
sniping weapon I could possibly go for, using an anti-tank round (or
on/off, whatever). This would then do damage to a single figure on a
major hit
(supression as usal) with massive impact, but I think a shift up in
range would
be appropriate, as the GMS clearly isn't designed for this, being a very
expensive way to take out a single soldier.
I could go for a D12 penetration, like an IAVR, but calculating
casualties as
for normal small arms/support weapon firing, rolling for fire-effect
with the
dice proposed above.


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