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GMS vs. Infantry

From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 16:04:07 -0500
Subject: GMS vs. Infantry

I think the best solution is a composite of what I've heard so far:

1) Assumption: GMS in future can (as today) be used against infantry.
2) GMS may have "switchable" warheads. Even a basic round should be
considered HEMP. The operator will be smart enough to toggle the switch
the right mode or load the round the right way. 
3) GMS systems may have multi-role aiming/tracking hardware or may be
anti-air specific. Assume that standard GMS is multi-role. 

GMS/P		1d12* Impact High Explosive Multi-Purpose HEMP 
(MR) guidance
GMS/L		2d12* Impact HEDP		MR guidance
GMS/H		4d12* Impact HEDP	MR guidance

So, where does this leave us:

HEMP with MR targeting: 

1. Fire at tanks: as it is in the book. 

2. Fire at bunkers: Bunkers get ECM roll d4 (easy to hit). Roll impact
(minor or major) vs bunker armour (Brian B has lots of great bunker
rules -
shameless plug). 

3. Fire at infantry: Infantry defends on D4 in the open, give cover and
shifts to the dice. Instead of using unlimited range (targetting
though not terribly hard, is probably as easy as targetting infantry
with a
rifle), use standard range bands to determine base defense die (shifted
required for cover). This is the "effective ECM die" of the infantry
fired at. A hit which is a minor impact scores a suppression and a D8
against squad members (defend with armour, cover, IP shifts(I think IP
shifts armour checks but I can't recall for certain, I know cover
does)). On
a major impact, apply a suppression, pick one figure and apply a contact
(d12 for GMS, 2d12 for GMS/L, 4d12 for GMS/H) and then apply D8 to the
others in the squad (again adjusted for armour and IP)
4. Fire at airborne targets: 1 downshift in guidance. 

HEMP with AA targetting:

1. Fire at tanks: 1 downshift in guidance. 
2. Firing at bunkers: 1 downshift in guidance. 
3. Firing at infantry: 1 downshift in guidance.
4. Firing at airborne targets: Normal guidance. 

This removes the need to worry much about warheads and such (switching
warhead modes, differing effects... just assume best effect). 


Thomas Barclay
Software UberMensch
xwave solutions
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