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Re: GMS vs Infantry

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 12:13:08 -0500
Subject: Re: GMS vs Infantry

My apologies to all...
I'm sorry it took a negative tone. However, your point about the field
expedient use
of various weapons systems remains  well taken. In the Grey Day scenario
we just ran,
the Human's had several occasions to use GMS in an anti infantry role,
but we hadn't
adequately addressed the rule ahead of time and stuck with rules as
written. There
certainly should be some amends made. And the issue breaks down to two
Guidance and firepower. It seems to me that providing you can see them,
you can just
as easily hit the center mass of an infantry squad as you could a
vehicle or bunker.
(You could even snipe with the things as has occurred in some of our
various actions
which you allude to.) So probably there shouldn't be any hit penalties
though I would
recommend rolling a range die+ any terrain/in position shifts instead of
a sensor

Now as far as firepower goes, if the GMS being gamed is A-T specific,
say like a
shaped charge HEAT round etc, then you do need to make some amends. Sure
as Mike says
a 105mm HEAT round can be  fired at troops, and certainly will ruin
anyone's day if it
hits them, BUT what is the AP effect difference between a 105 HE round
and a 105 HEAT
round? (Not quite an exact match admittedly.) In SG2 terms you get a
GMS/L or
something with	does for example 2 or 3D12 damage against a vehicle. I'd
argue that it
wouldn't do the same against a squad or platoon, though certainly it
would mush
anybody hit directly with it. Perhaps a single D12 since that focused
transference of
explosive energy at one point, while making quite a blast, with all it's
over pressure
and whatnot, would not spread fragmentation in a uniform or as effective
a pattern as
a purpose built HE  round.

SO in SG2 you have two solutions. Since it's Sci-Fi the GM can decide
ahead of time,
depending on the sci-fi background being used, to say the warhead is
such that it does
equal damage in AT/AP role. But keep in mind with some of these weapons,
with a 2d12 or 3d12 against a tank, you might have a terrible unbalanced
weapon for
the scenario. Or you can provide two sets of stats for a GMS with an AT
firepower and
an AP firepower. The flexibility of the rules allows all this great



Scott Uecker wrote:

> Los,
>	  Point made, and taken.  I guess will agree, to disagree.  I
will differ on
> recommendation of effectiveness for gameplay purposes(having only 4
> under the belt currently).
> Cheers,
> Scott
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