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[GZG ECC] "The Umpire Strikes Back" - The Predators

From: Jon Davis <davisje@n...>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 23:42:24 -0500
Subject: [GZG ECC] "The Umpire Strikes Back" - The Predators

Being responsible for giving Stuart Murray a ride to and from 
Lancaster did provide a certain perk this year.  I was responsible 
for the four Predator figures in the game.  I would like to describe 
for you the cultural background I generated for these characters and
the motivations for the completion of their objectives.

My source content is based entirely on the Predator and 
Predator II films.  I have not read any novels and have had only
minimal exposure to the comic series.

Predators have a total of Seven Descriptions of Life

1. Yiiiii -> Infinite	  

The Deity.  His name cannot be fully spoken because it is infinite 
in length.  We give the Deity glory by being able to speak only a
part of his name.  We are his Cha and we honor him by bringing Yi'Cha
and Cha into his hunting grounds.

2. We, the Hunters and Predators

We are the Cha of our Deity.

3. Yi'Cha

"Great honored prey"  Greater prey are described as Yiiiiii'Cha
having the prefix of our Deity's name, as much as can be spoken.
The greatest of the prey is depicted by adding more of the Deity's
name to the Cha suffix.

They bring great honor to us and our clan when we claim them
and present them to the Deity. Yi'cha may only be taken with 
blade or spear, else we bring dishonor.

4. Cha

"Honored prey"	They must be capable of sending us to the Deity.

5. Na'Cha

"Innocent potential prey"   They may be prey, but have no means to
sending us to the Deity.

6. Na

"Nothing"  Not worth considering

7. Naaaaaaaaa

"Dishonored prey"  If any life defiles the trophy before presented
as Cha or Yi'Cha to Yiiiiiiiiiii..., they are Naaaaaaa and must be

For example, if a Cha is about to be claimed, and through its own
action becomes Na'Cha, it may not become Cha in our presence.  This
is a great dishonor and the Cha will become Naaaaaaa for this 
great insult.  

Predator:	Arl'Than
Motivation:	Present a Yiiiii'Cha of an Alpha male T-Rex
Weapons:	Plasma, Spear, Disks, Wrist blades
Make an alpha male carnivore dinosaur calls to lure the Yiiiii'Cha to 
investigate and attack.  Make calls in trees and cloaked. Attack on 
ground and draw first blood with the spear.  Discs to immobilize.  
Killing blow with claws and blades.
At start:
Make alpha male call and wait and watch.  He will furiously attack 
anyone who kills his Yiiiii'Cha.

Predator:	Va'Dis
Motivation:	Present many Cha and himself to Paradise
Weapons:	Plasma, Nets, Disks, Wrist blades, "Heart wired" nuke
Watch and wait for a large group of Cha.  Attack from rear with 
weapons.  He also seeks a 'threefer', a disc attack that kills three
or more Cha.  Enter into hand-to-hand with intent of personal death
to trigger nuke.
At start:
In trees cloaked and watching for many prey.

Predator:	Jo'Arl
Motivation:	Large Xeno Cha or Yiii'Cha
Weapons:	Plasma, Nets, spear, Wrist blades
Watch and wait for a large group of Xeno Cha.  He will make juvenile 
xeno distress calls to attract a Cha.  We will avoid humans or other

Predator:	Rho'Vin
Motivation:	Claim any Cha
Weapons:	Plasma, Nets, spear, Wrist blades
Watch and wait for a group of Cha.  He will make human distress calls
for luring if needed.


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