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Re: [OT] Battletech

From: kwasTAKETHISOUT@o... (Kr'rt)
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 17:49:02 GMT
Subject: Re: [OT] Battletech

$60 for that tiny booklet??  I'm sittin' on a GOLD MINE!  heh (Been
playing that game since the "Combots/Battledroids" days.

I have that Camo Spec book and am willing to scan it in.  Beth, I have
your email but anyone else can contact me off-list...  (Don't forget
to take the TAKETHISOUT out of my email address... <ducks>)

a.k.a. Tai-sho Lone Ranger(ret.), Warlord of Pesht, House of Kurita

Quoth Mark Reindl <>...
>If he really wants inspiration on color schemes, I
>don't think that series is the way to go unless he
>wants to paint everything in green/red "camouflage"
>pattern.  The best thing for that would be to hunt
>down an old copy of the Battletech Camo Specs book
>(which isn't cheap, I sold mine on Ebay for over $60
>US) or a 1st Edition copy of the Mechwarrior RPG. 
>That one had some VERY nice color plates in the center
>of the book showing battlemechs from different
>factions, and it's considerably cheaper.  It can
>usually be found for $5-$10 US.  If you would like,
>I've got a copy of it and would be willing to scan the
>color pages and send them to you.
>--- Beth Fulton <> wrote:
>> G'day guys,
>> A mate of mine here would like to know if any of you
>> know if its possible
>> to get the Battletech TV series on video (think he
>> wants inspiration wrt
>> paint schemes etc).
>> Thanks
>> Beth
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