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Re: FW: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

From: Michael Sarno <msarno@p...>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 11:37:44 -0500
Subject: Re: FW: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

Andrew Apter wrote:

> The set up should allow for cross loading the landing force on three
or more
> ships.  The main mission is landed along with a larger (not played
> diversionary mission ) .  For playability you want both a force that
> suffer some attrition in space and yet not so large that if it gets
> intact constitutes a full scale invasion.

    I'm not sure if we're saying the same thing.  But this is how I'd
the initial playtest.  I'd create the FT scenario so that it is almost
that some troop carrying ships will get through.  I'd use the Cargo
Space rules
from MT to determine the carrying capacity of the various ships of the
fleet and
the dropships.	I'd make a good guess at the "average" CS landing for
scenario, which would be modified by several playtests.  Then based on
number of CS landed, I'd give the landing forces a number of units
within +/-
20% of the baseline.  The SG battle would only be small part of the
planetside battle, but performance in the FT game would have a definite


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