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Re: Snow

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 10:38:59 +0000
Subject: Re: Snow

>Thomas.Barclay wrote:
>> Okay, I'll bite. What white powder is used on hills as flock, and on
>> as snow? I assume cocaine would be far too expensive and illegal to
>> so what could it be? Care to shed some light, those who might know?
And how
>> to best adhere it to conifer type trees? Spray (blech) adhesive?
>Three suggestions
>1) cornstarch
>2) powdered sugar
>3) Talcum powder (the most likely)

If you want talc in bulk for something like this, don't buy it from the
chemist (drugstore to you Yanks <grin>) - get it from a glassfibre
supplier; it is what we use as a filler in polyester resin castings, and
goes under various names including Microdol, Norwegian Talc, Calcium
carbonate etc.
It's non-perfumed, and costs about 10 UKP for 25Kg! Like bathroom talc,
get EVERYWHERE, so tell your players not to breathe too hard over the

Jon (GZG)
>Bye for now,
>John L.

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