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[FT] Miniture sizes

From: J Noble <jnoble@a...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 23:48:16 -0900
Subject: [FT] Miniture sizes

I've got a small collection of miniatures I will use for Full Thrust, 
but only 2 classes of GZG minis (the 2 smallest FSE I believe - 
Mistral and Ibiza)

I would like to know about what size GZG ships mine relate to.

What I have is a handful of RAFM ships, most bought as traveller 
ships, though they sell the same ships for Silent Death with 
different names.

Cuspid Class  (AKA Silent Death FireBat)
Fang Class (AKA Silent Death Rattler)
Darrian Patrol Cruiser (Don't know name, but also sold as a Silent 
Death Figure)
Aslan (?Border Cruiser?) (AKA Silent Death Hornet)
Type A Free Trader
Fat Trader (Subsidized Merchant)
System Defense Boat

Silent Death Remora

Battlefleet gothic Sword class frigates

Most of these are fairly small, I know, but I'm looking to see what 
they come closest to in GZG ship sizes

I also have a bunch of GameScience trek minis, as well as some TFG 
Starline 2200 ships.  Oh, and of course the trek micromachines.  If 
anyone knows how those compare in size that would be fine as well, 
but I'm focusing on the others first.



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