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Mr. Davis, Mr. Siefert

From: Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay <kaladorn@h...>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 01:40:00 -0500
Subject: Mr. Davis, Mr. Siefert

1) Kevlar won't solve your problem, it is not good versus sharp objects
like blades. Relatively speaking, a knife is more dangerous to kevlar
than a bullet. You could get metal mesh lined gloves, but those are
brutal. I have a better suggestion. Carefully consider each cut so that
it goes away from your fingers. Use clamps (vices, C clamps, other
kinds) to hold your figures. Get a ball vise. Remove the holding hand
from the Eq'n. Then consider some power tools to help out - a rotary
tool can often do the job you might be trying to do with the edge of an
exacto. Or try different blade formats - some are far harder to cut
yourself with than a standard (type 1 ?) blade - I have several I can
work with and experience lower risk. but the clamps are the big part. Be
careful... you only have 1 set of hands....

2) Mr. Davis, your comment about America vs. Canada at GZG ECC I with a
Brit Referee was noted. Where's my Divine Piledriver? ;)

Seriously.... I meant something more like a BYOF with the Canadians
versus the US on a big massive board. I'd take a fleet Jim, Tom and JP
could put together against anyone... (Heck, Jim alone could probably
field (after some painting) nearly as many ships as I've seen at GZG total....). :)

Something fun like this would make a good equivalent for the beer game
for Saturday night too. Losers buy breakfast or something.

Just a thought.

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