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Re: FT/FB Clarifications

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 23:07:08 +0000
Subject: Re: FT/FB Clarifications

>Hello Esteemed Navigators and Weapons Analysts
>There is just a couple of things in the FB book I'd liked clarified.
>Under the VECTOR system you have half the Main Drive rating available
>the manoeuvering thrusters and you can still use all the Drive to alter
>The example about rolling the ship appears to contradict this. It says
>a thrust-4 ship that has 2 points available to alter facing (in this
>rolling and rotating) would only have 2 thrust factors available to
>Also the VECTOR system says that you only need one point of the thrust
>factors to rotate a ship to any facing but the example of movement in
>paras on Rolling ships and Odd numbered thrust factors imply that it
costs 1
>point for each point of facing change.
>Now is this a mistake or are the above sections actually talking about
>Cinematic movement.

Both the examples you quote refer to using the rules for Cinematic -
if it isn't clear in the book!	;-)

>In the optional rule on Aft-arc fire it says that those weapon systems
>360 degree arc may only fire to the rear arc if the ship did not use
>Main drive, presumably as it would be difficult to aquire targets due
to the
>interference from radiation and EM backwash (PSB) but does this also
>to PDS and class-1 beams used in that role? If not, why not?

Well the intention of the rule is that PDS fire IS possible through the
rear arc evenm when the drives are in use; the PSB we usually use is
PDS (and Beam-1 used as PDS) fire is at pretty close range and the PDS
directors can punch through the mush, while the main firecons can't get
lock on a more distant target through all the EM junk. Mind you, the
fighters would probably get pretty scambled themselves from flying in
through the drive wash.... ;-)

Jon (GZG)
>"Eku staras flonderans"
>-???? (can anyone identify the origin of this quote, I know it's from a
>short story)

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