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RE: Scenario idea - new

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 14:03:29 -0500
Subject: RE: Scenario idea - new

Of course if you ran the SG game first, the exact turn would be
when the shields go down (if they go down). Divide the turn number by 3.
This is the FT turn when the shields go down.

If the Deathstar manages to destroy the planet, announce to the SG
that they lost anyway (after the FT game) due to the Vac-Heads.

If the SG players do not manage to take out the shield generator, mark
many turns it took to give up the attack (or when they were destroyed).
Hopefully, some commander of the ground forces will remember to use a
communications action to let the Space Forces know that they failed.
the turns by 3. Then on that FT turn let the Rebel FT players know that
Ground-Slugs failed. Their new goal is to escape with as many fighters
ships as possible.

Anyway, it will be fun to see all of the 25mm (10mm?) teddy bears on the

Brian Bell	 

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> "Tom.McCarthy" wrote:
> > I like it, but I wouldn't make the generator-destroyed turn map
> to
> > the FT turn; though early destruction should be rewarded, the FT
> should
> > still have an element of the unknown in which turn the shield goes
> Bren,
>	  Great idea.  I agree with Tom's point above.	You should run
> at two
> seperate times, just because it's logistical nightmare otherwise. 
> you've
> established a relative time for the shields to be down, as established
> the
> SGII game, you can add a little fudge factor to determine the turn in
> which the
> shields drop in the FT game.	Again, that's a great idea for a
> scenario.  Keep'em coming!
> -Mike

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