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RE: FT/FB Clarifications

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 12:35:24 -0500
Subject: RE: FT/FB Clarifications

Yes, you have 1/2 (round down, minimum of 1) engine rating to maneuver
full rating to use for main drive.
Yes, 1 point of Maneuver will allow you to turn to any clock facing. Any
other maneuver points may be spent for "pushes" and/or to roll.

The example given is using Cinematic movement.

Aft Arc Fire:
PDS and Class-1s in PDS mode are not effected by MD because the targets
MUCH closer. Fighters and missiles are assumed to be darting in to do
actual attacks.
Our group read the rules differently than some others. That is that,
the weapons that have an Aft arc may fire and that limiting them to
when the MD did not fire was the optional rule. What is the difference
between Push of 3 and a MD burn of 3? If pushes do not incur the penalty
then using MD at less than half of its rating should also not incur the
penalty (or a push should incur the same "blocking arc" penalty). 

<tinker mode>
If I were to re-write the vector rules, it would have the following
1. Movement points would be double the rating for the ship.
2. MD and Rotation would come out of the same movement point pool (as it
takes time to spin a ship. And during that time, the ship may not fire
main drive, or at minimum, the MD firing is less effective at putting
ship on the desired course).
3. I would eliminate pushes as they would result in less than 1" 
movement on the map.
4. I would allow multiple rotations (turn, fire MD, turn) as long as the
ship had the movement points to accomplish it.
5. Rolls would cost 1 movement point
<end tinker mode>

Brian Bell	   

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> From: Anthony Leibrick []
> Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2000 10:35 AM
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> Subject:	FT/FB Clarifications
> Hello Esteemed Navigators and Weapons Analysts
> There is just a couple of things in the FB book I'd liked clarified.
> Under the VECTOR system you have half the Main Drive rating available
> the manoeuvering thrusters and you can still use all the Drive to
> velocity.
> The example about rolling the ship appears to contradict this. It says
> that
> a thrust-4 ship that has 2 points available to alter facing (in this
> rolling and rotating) would only have 2 thrust factors available to
> velocity.
> Also the VECTOR system says that you only need one point of the thrust
> factors to rotate a ship to any facing but the example of movement in
> paras on Rolling ships and Odd numbered thrust factors imply that it
> 1
> point for each point of facing change.
> Now is this a mistake or are the above sections actually talking about
> Cinematic movement.
> In the optional rule on Aft-arc fire it says that those weapon systems
> with
> 360 degree arc may only fire to the rear arc if the ship did not use
> Main drive, presumably as it would be difficult to aquire targets due
> the
> interference from radiation and EM backwash (PSB) but does this also
> to PDS and class-1 beams used in that role? If not, why not?
> Tony
> "Eku staras flonderans"
> -???? (can anyone identify the origin of this quote, I know it's from
> short story)

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