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Re: Quotes - some extra info

From: David Raynes <rayners@u...>
Date: 2 Mar 00 10:43:01 EST
Subject: Re: Quotes - some extra info

Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay <> wrote:

> (a little later) "I need someone to roll a ten-sided die. You want
> high...give it to Kochte. He'll get a good number." - Tom Barclay, A 
> Grey Day To Die
> ======> I believe the <sarcasm dripping> tag needed applied here. You
> rolled (amongst other ones almost uncountable) two 1's in a row for
> comms attempts if I recall correctly Mark....

Actually, I believe that was my late Platoon Commander's boo-boo. 
Though he
may have rolled two 1's in a row on d12 when trying to contact his CO,
still died an honorable death later on. :)

> Returning to A Grey Day, after Dave Raynes' fire team missed hitting 
> the Kra'Vak squad as it close-assaulted his platoon leader's squad:
> Rick: "How're you doing?"
> Dave: "I just shot my CO"
> =======> Context: KV assault squad comes hussling down a cliff face
> close assaults and demises one squad. The other formerly broken squad
> the woods sees their CO and PSgt cut off in the cave under the hill
> try to rescue them. Their fire hurts the KV squad slightly wounding
> or killing one, but I look at the map and think "they're firing
> into the cave mouth". I attenuated their FP dice a few shifts due to
> cover and shooting at individuals and made them roll for friendly
> The CO didn't make it.... (K-Pow!) so only the PSgt could be
> captured.... <Great Tactic if it had been planned!>

So you're saying I didn't plan it? :)

> Definitely from A Grey Day:
> David Raynes (on saturday): "I'll give you $1.50 to stop shooting at
> me."
> <later> "$3.50"
> <later> "$7.00"
> <next day> "$12.00, that's my final offer."
> =====> I could have sworn I saw Tom taking money from someone.... I
> wonder if the buyout was a success....

Well, by the end of the weekend, I did owe him about $6.  I don't recall
it was for though. :)

Dave (sitting at work)

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