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RE: I wanna scenario

From: "Andrew Apter" <apter@p...>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 23:20:10 -0500
Subject: RE: I wanna scenario

I have played in both the Red Claw Express and Operation Unity both were
when if you have a couple nights that can be strung together.

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Guilty !

How about "The Lone Grey Wolf" ? In which a Klingon
dreadnought is trapped deep within Kzinti space. I can
hunt up the scenario descriptions later if there's an
interest, and there *ought* to be some OCR software at
the new jobsite...

I never did play any of the SFB campaigns so I can't
comment on the playability, but it did look reasonably
balanced and entertaining.

--- Nyrath the nearly wise <> wrote:
> Will anybody here admit to reading Star Fleet
> Battles?  I vaguely
> remember seeing a scenario called something like
> "The Valka Episode".
> The initial situation was some huge ship with a
> couple of escorts
> gets cut off deep in enemy territory.
> The game was a series of linked scenarios, depicting
> the huge ship's
> attempt to fly three thousand parsecs to safety,
> through everything
> the enemy can throw at it.  The ship got limited
> repair in between
> scenarios.
> The enemy got various forces that could be allocated
> to the
> various scenarios, with survivors being available
> for later scenarios.
> It seems to me that this would be a nifty kind of
> scenario to do
> in Full Thrust, with any pair of stellar nations who
> dislike each other.
> Has anybody done this?
> Or are linked scenarios boring?
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