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Re: I wanna scenario

From: Nyrath the nearly wise <nyrath@c...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 21:12:48 -0500
Subject: Re: I wanna scenario wrote:
> I believe the mini-campaign you are referring to is "The Lone Grey
> about a Klingon C8 dreadnought trying to make it home from deep in
> space after negotiations take a turn for the worse. The "Admiral Kang"
> makes it safely back to klingon space.
> As someone already said, "The Valkha Episode" was a Starfire scenario
> "The Stars at War" scenario book.

	Yes, you are all correct, I'm having an Alsheimer's moment.
	(I managed to dig up my SFB manual after I posted)

	The Klingon player gets one dreadnought.
	The Kzinti gets six pursuing forces, from a battle cruiser
	to a freighter.
	Six scenarios are played.  1d6 is rolled to determine which
	pursuing force is in this scenario.  If the roll indicates
	a force that has been already destroyed, that scenario is
	Every 20 turns, an additional pursuing force is rolled for.

	Any Kzinti vessels captured by the Klingon become Klingon
	Each captured vessels starts with the Klingon prize crew being
	unable to operate the weapons. Inbetween each scenario, each
	prize crew has a 50% chance to figure out how to fire them.

	Ordinance may not be replaced inbetween scenarios, and only
	limited damage control is available.

	At the end of turn 40 of the last scenario, an overwhelming
	Klingon relief force arrives and destroys any Kzinti
	ships left on the map.

	If the Kzinti capture the Klingon dreadnought, they win
	an overwhelming victory.  If they destroy the dreadnought,
	they win a decisive victory.
	If the Klingon escapes through all six scenarios, they win
	a substantial victory.	If in addition they inflict 100
	points total damage on Kzinti, the Klingons win a decisive
	victory.  If they inflict 200 points total damage, the
	Klingons win an overwhelming victory.

	Now it seems to me that this could be adapted to, say
	an ESU dreadnought fighting its way through NAC space?

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