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[OT] Ships & Spheres...or 3D representation

From: Aron_Clark@d...
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 16:34:01 -0800
Subject: [OT] Ships & Spheres...or 3D representation

A bit of discussion going on here on how to represent 3d.  There have
suggestions of placing ships inside plastic spheres, like those found at
stores.  I'd just like to add that our group has done this in the past,
for WWI air combat.  I just thought I'd share a few thoughts.  While
this first
seems to be an attractive solution it does present a number of problems.

- The spheres themselves are fairly large (though you can buy them in
sizes) makes close positioning difficult.
- The need for elevation in 3d requires poles to mount the models to, we
used a
ring to support the sphere on the pole, which seemed to be easily
knocked over
and a bit clumsy.
- The spheres while being clear do reflect light, at times obscuring the
if only slightly.
- The whole pole / sphere thing looks a bit silly when you set a bunch
(six or
more) of em out on the table.

It is an interesting concept, though I've never had much success trying
to model
it.  What I think might work, or what I'm thinking of trying next.
- Mount a small brass tube on the underside of the model, unobtrusively.
 A rod
then slots to the tube and mounts on the elevation pole.
- There ought to be two fulcrum points.  One left to right, handled by
the tube
mount.	Another up and down, provided by the rod to elevation pole.
- I imagine the elevation pole ought to be say no more than 12" to
stability and reduce the impact a model might take when knocked over.

Has anyone else had other successes or failures in this area?

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